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We do not control or direct what people and others do or say, and we are not responsible for their actions or conduct (whether online or offline) or any content they share (including offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, and other objectionable content). 7%) and Blacks (47. Among Republicans, 61 percent say they believe Mueller’s investigation cleared Trump of all wrongdoing, while 87 percent of Democrats say it did not. 7. The does NOT = all. Jensen Tire & Auto is in the process of deciding whether to purchase a maintenance contract for its new computer wheel alignment and balancing machine. ) The parade will go ahead whether it rains or not. What determines whether or not a comment will be placed in the "top comments"? Update Cancel. She will have to marry him. php. (8) In another situation I have class of chartData. To sum up, use whether when you have two discrete choices or mean "regardless of whether," and use if for conditional sentences. , smartphones) and may not immediately restrict data usage, regardless of whether you have established a Time Restriction for one or more of those devices on your account. With whether we can use or not immediately after whether or in end position. You can, however, use the second expression (in brackets) if you want to emphasize that there is not even one thing of a kind: Nicht einer meiner Freunde kam zur Party. Whether we go by road or rail, the journey will take at least four hours. Next: Whether Versus Whether or Not Pages Whether he was in a bad temper because Prince Vasili was coming, or whether his being in a bad temper made him specially annoyed at Prince Vasili's visit, he was in a bad temper, and in the morning Tikhon had already advised the architect not to go to the prince with his report. The word RATHER indicates a preference. I don't know whether I will success on my exam . ’ When that is the meaning, you need ‘or not’ to ensure comprehension. Whether [or not] they are professional writers, many people are confused about whether [or not] they should use the phrase “or not” after “whether. Either this Or that. By the way, if you haven’t read my guide on how to avoid the most common mistakes in English, make sure to check it out; it deals with similar topics. Use "whether" when there is a choice between two possibilities dealing with the same subject. Now you can check whether Windows 10 high disk usage is reduced. Try these ways out!" I often scout with an early probe - 9 or 12, but although I recognise how important it is, I don't actually know how to tell how much Chronoboost is being saved by my opponent. ” But you definitely need “or not” when you mean “regardless of whether,” as in, “I’m out of here whether you like it or not!” Pat discusses this in her grammar and usage 'I have no idea (as to) whether to do it or not. , using he in one sentence and she in the next), as this can also become confusing and distracting to the reader. If you've opted-in to submitting usage data in GitHub Desktop, GitHub Desktop will send a payload in the format below to our analytics system. Run it with the @mode=2 parameter, copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet, and look at the “Index Usage Do you sometimes wonder whether to use that or which in a sentence? The key to understanding proper usage of these words is learning the difference between restrictive and nonrestrictive relative clauses. Articles should begin with a good definition or description, but articles that contain nothing more than a definition should be expanded with additional encyclopedic content. Tip: To verify whether the virtual memory is the cause of Windows 10 100% disk usage problem or not, you can uncheck the box (mentioned above), choose “ No paging file ” and press OK. This does not mean, however, that all nonprofit Financial Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations Incremental budgeting treats existing programs and departments as pre-approved, subject only to increases or decreases in financial resources allocated. Sure, it’s possible that stored procedures or functions are in use that don’t use any local tables, but just looking at whether data access is being done tells you a lot fast. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. I might also use it in a Default vSphere Alarms; Alarm Name . Wikipedia articles are not: Definitions. Whether it's accepted or not is a matter of time and, well, usage. As Broadband Usage Caps Expand, Nobody Is Checking Whether Usage Meters Are Reliable. Note this chart does not track unique users for your app or unique user sessions (that is, a user is represented in this chart whether they used your app just once or multiple times). 5. Send us feedback. For example, in the preceding sentence, or not adds nothing to the sense and is thus superfluous, if hard to resist in spoken usage. regardless of whether. but I don't know whether you do or not. In many cases, if and whether can be used interchangeably without affecting the meaning; however, there are some differences. *incorrect usage. 1986). ‘It is a matter of working out whether or not I want to even do it and then a matter of saying yes or no. When only whether is used, please say, what does it mean? word-usage word-meaning. The Usage chart shows details about how your customers are using your app over the selected period of time. Correct Whether or not bed nets were given out for free or purchased at from SOC 300 at Strayer University, Washington Understanding Hyper-V CPU Usage. ¹ Note that this same tense agreement is true for other connective prepositions after, before, if, whether or not, even if, in case, only if. ) Too Small for Fair Use: The De Minimis Defense And if you want us to take your use cases into consideration, we hope you'll opt in so we get a better idea of how you use the app and whether or not it's meeting your needs. There are two kinds of conjunctions, a primary class of COORDINATING conjunctions and a secondary class called SUBORDINATING or SUBORDINATE conjunctions. Others may have additional insights. I tried the second one, and it worked like magic. conj. [c. After disabling your AntiVirus Software, check whether the windows 10 high disk usage issue is solved or not. ' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. "Or not" after "whether" is redundant. My favorite way to do this is with sp_BlitzIndex®. weather, whether Weather is a noun describing “the state of the atmosphere at a given time and place. How often should you change your brush? While the debate goes on about whether or not the DSM-V should designate Internet addiction a mental disorder [12-14] people currently suffering from Internet addiction are seeking treatment. However, at 5% CPU usage, I was wondering whether 45 degrees was too hot for such low CPU usage. 2 - Resource allocation graph with a deadlock. Pie charts are best to use when you are trying to compare parts of a whole. Whether or not the unit cost information should include all manufacturing costs depends on the purpose for which the information is going to be used. Hold down and press . ’ Mike’s usage will also be ambiguous less often, for the reason the following examples should make clear. Now can I make class static or create object. D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC usage is a special case that optimizes the flow of data from CPU to GPU when the CPU generates that data on-the-fly and sends that data with high frequency. I hope this explanation helps. ' These are all good, Marco (as corrected), and the top sentence when it includes the 'as to' sounds the most formal. This is normal, and represents signals from the HughesNet system to the Network Operations Center indicating that it is operating properly. Language Usage Below is a list of common expressions in the English language. And that's not a claim I make often or lightly. A: In the phrase “whether or not,” the “or not” is often optional. 2%) to Hispanics (48. whether synonyms, whether pronunciation, whether translation, English dictionary definition of whether. Article usage with common nouns is affected by more than whether the noun uses a singular or plural form. But whether the interruption be slight or considerable, he must never omit one comma The two personal pronouns I and me are often used wrongly, usually in sentences in which I is being used with another noun. Whether the woman you are addressing is married or unmarried, has changed her name or not, Ms. However, Mike is not wrong, because The end of his sentence was an abbreviation for ‘… you appear to be much more enraptured by it than I am. Whether he catches something or not doesn't matter. whether will use or as well, but is it not as defined. Definition of whether conjunction in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Note that there is no restriction on which files can be executed; in particular, the filename is not required have a . There are three alternatives (staying, going to the store, and going to the bank), and whether introduces them. See 2 authoritative translations of Whether or not in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. The question mark will also suffice to end the sentence. Consider: She held out the hand that was hurt Do not use either he or she alone to refer to a generic individual—"use of either pronoun unavoidably suggests that specific gender to the reader" (PM § 3. 12). Note: If arguments need to be passed to the script when using -f, the first argument must be --. Notes from the newsroom on grammar, usage and style. However, a law enforcement agency may not ask at the pre-offer stage about the frequency of past illegal drug use or whether the applicant has ever been addicted to drugs or undergone treatment for addiction. a Bar Graph. With if we use or not in end position only: I called Bill to find out whether or not he really did A: In the phrase “whether or not,” the “or not” is often optional. The test for determining such instances is whether or not you can delete or not without affecting the sense of the sentence. Also, I’ve read that “whether or not” is poor construction, and that it should be “whether…or not”. C. like assuming that every packet is Maximum Transmission Unit sized whether or not it is, then multiply by So when is it necessary, you might ask. Discuss whether you believe she should not have divulged this information since it was long ago or whether not reporting it would have Bandwidth usage is measured for each monthly billing cycle, not by calendar month. As one judge explained, “The economic effect of a parody with which we are concerned is not its potential to destroy or diminish the market for the original—any bad review can have that effect—but whether it fulfills the demand for the original. Even when you are not using the HughesNet system, you may see very small amounts of usage. It depends. There are many errors with noun/pronoun agreement, subject/verb agreement, misplaced/dangling modifiers, style, word usage, capitalization, and punctuation. I never was in love as it is called; and whether this be it, or not, I must submit to you. Also see sentences for: wherewith, which. No matter who and whoever Article usage with a proper noun is affected by more than whether the noun uses a singular or plural form. , Monday-Friday, June-September, excluding holidays). I am therefore creating this post to document a fairly complete list of authorities that support what I think is the better (if not obvious) view: never use It is poorly-written, mainly because it does not follow the fundamental rules and guidelines of good business writing. The typical first approach is to log into the Hyper-V host and open up task manager. I tend to think that the most common or popular usage for the word "moot" blunders its way 'round to being right again. The lines of text below use whether in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for whether. Managers feel that maintenance expense should be related to usage, and they collected the following information on weekly usage (hours) and annual maintenance expense (in hundreds of dollars). Monitors the power state of the host and whether the host is reachable. Example: Jane is not sure whether she should change her job (or not). regardless of whether you touch them or not Is it correct to say "please let me know if you need help" or must I use "whether"? Is it correct to say, "Please let us know, whether you are facing the issue While not everyone who uses the word understands the etymology or derivation--by a long shot--this is the odd case where they don't really need to in order to get it right. We asked Mary Norris, The New Yorker‘s “comma queen” and author, most recently, of Greek to Me, and Benjamin Dreyer, copy chief of Random House and author of Dreyer’s English, about their love of editing, the mistakes people make, and whether or not this intro has too many commas. Example: Incorrect: Jane is not sure whether John is making dinner tonight or Define whether. e. In the sentence above, it’s yes in the first case and The second sentence is not conditional. 3 Methods for Handling Deadlocks. 4. He likes fishing, regardless of whether he catches something or not. Note, writing --input ARG (as opposed to --input=ARG) is ambiguous, meaning it is not possible to tell whether ARG is option's argument or a positional argument. Usually this means that they must contain the words or not: Whether you want to or not, you must go to the meeting. “Beginning on June 14th, we added a minimum usage fee of $2 a month for AT&T Long Distance customers who have not chosen a domestic calling plan and whose current long distance rate is 39 cents per minute. Often we say, WHETHER OR NOT to signal that one might choose one thing or the other. All congestion pricing For more detailed information, consult a good reference work such as Swan's Practical English Usage. Do some quizzes on article use. ’ 1. This is the idiomatic phrasing, not “regardless whether”* — e. Examples: Reprimand Chris whether or not he is on time today. With if we use 'or not' in end position only. ” The weather in central Canada has been unseasonably warm. Whether . And do not worry too much about article mistakes - only very rarely will they cause your listener or reader to misunderstand you! How to use the articles correctly in English. The phrase whether or not is a condition, used in statements to show that something will or will not happen, regardless of certain other variables: Also, I’ve read that “whether or not” is poor construction, and that it should be “whether…or not”. Another example is given below. You will be welcome no matter when you come. Figure 7. (NOT It’s a question of if we have enough time. A not-for-profit’s historical costs are the usual base from which budget planning starts. The Future of Singular They Check Your ISP’s Web Interface. Read the instructions carefully since your task will NOT be the same for each section. The word WHETHER is about alternatives. Remove All Windows Temporary Files These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'usage. Forum director Fleur Knopperts said she had yet to decide whether or not to repeat the experiment. I would incentivize you to use "encourage," instead. and frankly, we went back and looked at press usage and up until all the faux What Is a Hyphen? A hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark that’s used to join words or parts of words. ’ ‘However, it is not clear whether or not Santander would be prepared to wait this long. In that class I want methods like whether Line of Axis,series of chart is valid or not. whether or not usage 0%) and Whites (63. Posted by Manjusha Filed in Practical English Usage. Preserving patient privacy and confidentiality in all environments is a main issue in the context of social-media usage in healthcare and research. It’s not interchangeable with other types of dashes. Host CPU usage . Definition of whether written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. I came to see, ma'am, whether you'd take me back, as I 'aven't got Baby now. 1600] Whether or not a household with a PC is also an Internet user depends on various demographic characteristics. For instance, usage varies by race/origin, ranging from high levels of use by Asians/Pacific Islanders (65. Then, using the rating scale below, indicate whether you believe the meaning of this expression is positive, neutral, or negative. , not required). CodeSystem - defines a set of codes with meanings (also known as enumeration, terminology, classification, and/or ontology) - e. One largely has to rely on examples in well-written sources. Inserting quotation marks may not be essential to your argument. SQL Server memory usage, so you can determine whether or not SQL Server is causing the problem; Potential low memory conditions related to the In-Memory OLTP engine; Figure 3 shows the most common memory-related performance counters you should monitor if you're experiencing memory pressure on SQL Server. It can mean instead or a “I don’t care” attitude to the options provided. Proper nouns in a singular form infrequently use articles. The second part is not grammatical, 1a. To check your AntiVirus Software, you need to disable the AntiVirus Software. Proper nouns in a plural form frequently use the. Here's the trick: "Whether or not" should be used when one's response is the same, regardless of the outcome. Otherwise it will be interpreted as an option It does not violate the ADA to ask whether the applicant has ever used illegal drugs or been arrested for such use. If they cannot be expanded beyond a definition, Wikipedia is not the I remain surprised at the number of intelligent, articulate, and well-read legal professionals who still use “and/or” in legal writing. The first and foremost method to fix this issue is to check whether the issue is causing by your AntiVirus Software. Use a hyphen in a compound modifier when the modifier comes before; the word it’s modifying. . After that, rebooting your computer to see the result. The American Heritage Book of English Usage states that: "Using Ms. How to use whether in a sentence. ’ ‘Nor were there any questions about whether or not these young people had ever used a weapon. Everyone Uses Singular 'They,' Whether They Realize It Or Not The singular, gender-neutral usage of "they" is now acceptable on college campuses, among the genderqueer and in the Washington Post. Bar graphs are used to compare things between different groups or to track changes over time. After you Trudi Faulkner-Petrova explains the use of the word 'wonder' in various contexts Ask about English 15 September 2009. Each agency that reported official time data electronically received a consolidated report, encompassing all agency subcomponents, of their official time usage within each of the four categories. For example, Whether or not it rains, we're going to walk to the theater, or She plans to sing at the wedding, whether or no anyone asks her to. m. She The “or not” is a mistaken crossover from the correct usage of “whether or not” mentioned below. The MedicationRequest resource allows requesting only a single medication. Learn how to use "if" and "whether" properly in English. Cost information needed for external reporting may not supply the information necessary for internal (Do not add a period after such a sentence that ends with the title's question mark. It is not intended for use in prescribing particular diets, or for ordering non-medication-related items (eye-glasses, supplies, etc. The addition of-ize to create a verb from a noun is one way in which language changes. Oh, boy, the joys of grammar! Subjunctive Usage Cheat Sheet. or Miss: you can’t go wrong with Ms. g. Thus, whether or not a paragraph scheme can permit repayment to the employer is a somewhat academic question. Produsage is a portmanteau of the words production and usage, coined by Australian media scholar Axel Bruns and popularized in his book Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond: From Production to Produsage. The Smart Usage rate charges a lower rate for energy and adds a new demand component. either/or - it is giving someone a choice between two things. S. In the second sentence "The question whether ther live on Mars has not been concluded", the pronoun whether introduces a apposition clause. Monitors virtual machine CPU usage. ” (Fisher v. However, when trying to measure change over time, bar graphs are best when the changes are larger. ” But you definitely need “or not” when you mean “regardless of whether,” as in, “I’m out of here whether you like it or not!” Pat discusses this in her grammar and usage Whether or Not Very often, the or not is superfluous (i. In fact, if you use the wrong word, it can change the entire The "or not" portion of "whether or not" is often unnecessary and can be removed, but sometimes it is essential. Wikipedia is not a dictionary, or a usage or jargon guide. Virtual machine CPU usage . 5%) to lower usage levels by American Indians/Eskimos/Aleuts (53. When followed directly by 'or not' I'll be happy whether or not we go to the party. I don't know whether I will success or not on my exam. , whether to accept or reject a special order). 1600] Use of “whether” without “or not” and when whether is used with or not. appropriated fund instrumentalities described in 5 U. If the interruption to the flow of the sentence is but slight, the writer may safely omit the commas. She Whether we win or lose tonight, I will be proud of you guys. A car is a car, whether self-driving or people driven—taking up a great deal more space than busses, streetcars, or trains—so let’s make sure the cost is right. ). For example, you would not use an article with the following singular proper nouns: Thursday, Geography 1301, Coffman Union. (not even one friend came to the party) If you keep to this I think you should get along very well. I can say, I WOULD RATHER BE TALL. You must finish this task on time, whether it is/be a In the first sentence "The question of whether there is live on Mars has not been concluded ", the pronoun whether introduces a objective clause. On the question of whether Trump tried to “Whether” used in this sense is always followed by “or not” (but seeing “or not” after whether doesn’t imply it was used in this sense). In such cases, the whether clause is the complement of the adjective regardless. “If a customer uses $2 or more in domestic direct dialed long distance calling minutes during the month, the fee is waived. Host connection and power state . The FHIR terminology specification is based on two key concepts, originally defined in HL7 v3 Core Principles : . Susie will have to marry Peter whether she likes him or not. For example: 'A/the boomslang is certainly not a snake one would want to be bitten by. Although the preceding hyphens help clarify unusual terms, they are optional and might not be every writer's choice. 2. It is often used that way, but when writing it's best to avoid that unnecessary bit. They do not want those methods in same project. an Area Graph. Selectman Steve Holmes questioned whether or not the company has worked with a community such as Wareham in which the population -- and thus the water usage -- fluctuates drastically based on the season. Whether is used when someone does not know which of the two possibilities is true. Unlike weather, the term whether is not a noun or verb, but rather is a conjunction, which joins two words or phrases together. No matter where you go, I will follow you. You do not have to sign up to begin receiving these notifications. Of course it is. Used in indirect questions to introduce one alternative: We should find out whether the museum is open. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. He won the race, whether by skill or luck. I know there is not a single model anywhere out there who has lost sleep worrying about what usage licenses were, and whether she needs one. ) 52. Determine whether the high ready time for the virtual machine resulted from its CPU usage time reaching the CPU limit setting. Also whether color of chart stores in ARGB format or plain color name. ” “Bosnia Mission Is Not Justified,” Fla If you saw wether, would you think it is a misspelling of weather or whether? Wether is a word, but what does it mean? What’s the difference between these three words? A wether is a ram or goat that is castrated at a young age. ' There is a 100+ page monograph by Collins Cobuild dealing solely with the usages of the articles (including the zero article). In usage patterns this will be interpreted as an option with argument only if a description (covered below) for that option is provided. If NOT, replace the hard drive by using the backup copy and check if this drive gives better performance (if so, the original hard drive may be failing). Here are a few sample sentences using the term whether: The boy shouted, "I plan to go out whether you like it The test for determining such instances is whether or not you can delete or not without affecting the sense of the sentence. An effective computer usage policy shouldn’t just be a way to protect your hide, or the grounds to punish workers who break the terms of and agreement. 2105(c) are not covered in this report. Of course, there are some "special expressions", but for them look up the Duden. Do not alternate between he and she (e. : o “When he wanted to send troops to help end the civil war a year ago, President Clinton told a skeptical public and Congress that they would be withdrawn in December 1996 regardless whether [read ‘regardless of whether’] peace had been achieved. Whether he satisfied himself by this or not, he reddened a little after he had said it. " ~ Whether we have that much saved by next June or not, we plan to spend the summer in Europe. Whether or not you want to, you must go to the meeting. But I don't have a realistic alternative. Regardless of whether, no matter if. 1. If so, increase the CPU limit on the virtual machine. And do those 2 sentences mean exactly the same? ST notes that in the older pattern of usage, regardless is usually predicated of a person (“You were indifferent, and regardless whether you gained their good will or not”). ) It’s a question of whether we have enough time. Regardless of whether he catches something or not doesn't matter. Recently looking at my CPU usage and CPU temperatures, I noticed that on average, the four cores of my Intel i5-3450 processor are around 45 degrees Centigrade (while not doing anything). The amount of bandwidth usage of Customer's account is the sole responsibility of Customer, whether or not such usage was by Customer or authorized by Customer. php extension. However, when whether or not means regardless of whether, the or not part is required. Call Squiggly whether or not you are going to arrive on Friday means Aardvark needs to call either way. Description . To express an alternative, we can use or not with if and whether. Use the present progressive passive, not the simple present passive, to talk about things that are going on just around now. Beside each expression, indicate whether you have ever used this expression or heard someone else use it. A water tight usage policy should let your staff know when and how their time at the computer is being monitored. Host memory usage . Here are some tips to help you get it right: Use the pronoun I, along with other subjective pronouns such as we, he, she, you, and they, when the pronoun is the subject of a verb: Usage alerts are included with all currently-offered consumer plans that have limited voice minutes, text messages or data allowances. is always correct. well, good See good, well. ' 'I have no idea whether I should do it or not. RELATED: How to Deal With Internet Bandwidth Caps If your Internet service provider is tracking your bandwidth usage and holding you to a cap, they probably provide a page on their account website where they display how much data you’ve used in the last month. No matter. (NOT We talked about if it was ready. Q: What is the difference between the Smart Usage rate and Nights and Weekends? Both pricing plans encourage customers to shift energy usage away from the on-peak time periods (2-7p. Monitors host CPU usage. obviates the need for the guesswork involved in figuring out whether to address someone as Mrs. ” Precise Edit on November 18, 2011 6:56 pm. 8. 9. Generally speaking there are three ways of handling deadlocks: Deadlock prevention or avoidance - Do not allow the system to get into a deadlocked state. "Some people are going to pay more, some people are going to pay less, but it's in direct proportion to usage," said Schrader. But whether it was the food she gave him or what, 'e was that wasted you wouldn't have known him. After no matter, we use a present tense with a future meaning. 3. Whether or not you like it, you will have to work on this project. The question is whether it's a good word, which always means an appropriate word. I haven't heard that one yet, and it's not in my Merriam-Webster's, which is generally quite liberal in this regard. Whether you like it or not, "if" and "whether" are not always interchangeable. It’s necessary in sentences in which ‘whether’ means ‘regardless of whether. See Usage Notes at doubt, if. define which codes (symbols and/or expressions) exist, and how they are understood The whole morning whether at home or on a visit was devoted to business. Dees, 794 F. All About Model Usage Licenses . Translate Whether or not. The three parts of this test are English Usage, Sentence Correction, and Reading Comprehension. Sometimes it’s easier to remember when NOT to use something instead of trying to memorize when to use something! Here are some situations in which you don’t need to use the. ‘Jane visits George more often than I,” means that Jane visits George more often than ~There is a simple rule for deciding whether to choose "whether" or "if. 3 - Resource allocation graph with a cycle but no deadlock. And it is far from comprehensive. In a few days, the justices will decide whether to continue our nation’s commitment to freedom of expression. (regardless of whether he is on time today. Such non-essential parts can be words, phrases and entire clauses. It has become widely accepted to use whether or not as a shortcut, such as saying I don’t know whether or not I should go instead of I don’t know whether I should go or stay. Whether or not we win, we are going to celebrate! In this example, the ‘or not’ is critical to understanding the meaning. Usage notifications are based on information that is received and processed by Cellcom at the time the notification is sent. An easy way to test whether a word, a phrase, or a clause is non-essential is to simply leave it out and see whether the message changes dramatically. Virtual machine memory usage But you may not know that Facebook also tracks you across the web, on many other websites that aren’t visibly connected to the social network. whether or not usage. ' A final word on whether to use double or single quotation marks The stacked line chart on the host's Virtual Machine view shows the CPU usage for virtual machines on the host. Like 1, but more explicit. Also, whether or no. I’m wondering whether to go to the party or not Time Restriction settings may not immediately take effect on devices with "always on" data connections (e. Rule 6: Use commas before and after parts of the sentence that are not essential to its meaning. I called Angela to find out whether or not she was Use if or whether to restate a question with alternative options: (1) polar-opposite [yes or no] , (2) alternative [X or Y] , or (3) one [of two]. Doing so will open your Windows computer's task manager Event Services staff will determine the number of security officers needed based on: size of event, whether or not the event involves a passive or involved audience (performance, workshop, reception, book signing), number of floors/spaces used in the Library, location within the Library, whether there is food and/or alcohol service and the How to Check PDF is Reader enabled or not using C#? enabled or not, more specifically if usage rights are defined in a way that allows people to add annotations Usage. When you have finished one part, go right on to the next part without stopping until you reach the end of the test. 1 Scope and Usage . Whether is a conjunction that signals a choice between or among alternatives. (Do not add a period after such a sentence that ends with the title's question mark. ) If the question mark is not part of a sentence-ending title, don't italicize the question mark: Did he sing the French national anthem, la Marseillaise? Assist managerial decision making (e. Monitors host memory usage. 2d 432 (9th Cir. He likes fishing. The names of horticultural cultivars, however, should usually be enclosed in single quotation marks: An example of an apple is 'Jonathon,' of a grape, 'Chardonnay,' and of the Gallica rose, 'Rosa Munda. After the election, we asked whether the parties should change their leaders, their policies, or both. Use discretion—and sometimes a dictionary—before deciding to place a hyphen before a suffix. Because of our experience we support the development of uniform diagnostic criteria and the inclusion of IAD in the DSM-V [ 11 ] in order to advance We talked about whether it was ready. Indicates whether usage was detected the last time the system checked (TRUE) or not SELECT name, description FROM dba_feature_usage_statistics ORDER BY name; Many of her friends thought since she was experimenting in college twenty years ago, she should not have included the use on the application and believed that anything over 5 years ago should not be reported. This lesson is about when NOT to use the definite article the. This is a distinction I make in both writing and speaking. This wikiHow teaches you how to check both your computer's random access memory (RAM) usage and your computer's hard drive capacity. Cost information needed for external reporting may not supply the information necessary for internal Purpose and character of the use, including whether the use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes: Courts look at how the party claiming fair use is using the copyrighted work, and are more likely to find that nonprofit educational and noncommercial uses are fair. “This is not just about Xinjiang or even China — it’s about the world beyond and whether we human beings can continue to have freedom in a world of connected devices,” Wang said. You don’t need an article when you talk about things in general. The debate over whether or not commercial whaling should resume turns in large measure on the extent to which whale stocks have recovered. But do not hesitate to hyphenate a rare usage if it avoids confusion. So how do you decide whether it's appropriate? Ain't — like an earlier form, an't — is a contraction of are not, and is often used for am not or is not. The negative element in these constructions may also follow the subject and verb, as in I have to attend, whether I want to or not. Things in general. 1600] Whether is used when someone does not know which of the two possibilities is true. For example ; I don't know whether or not I will success on my exam . This OR That. ~ I honestly can't tell you whether I will be free to take that position by October. Correct: Michael did not know whether Margaret was going to come. It is used with who, whose, which, what, when, where and how. Postscript: Of course, if you are the kind of stats nerd who actually wants to know about how or why 31% of what is better than what and by how much, you will like Mark Liberman's "31% more meaningless: Because algorithms," which delves into the mess of just whether the Wired study means anything at all (not much, it looks like), and just how Both ways (whether using the -f switch or not) execute the file my_script. – The New York Post; The phrase whether or not incorporates the use of the word whether. This rule is difficult to apply; it is frequently hard to decide whether a single word, such as however, or a brief phrase, is or is not parenthetic. (9) Whether he was well advised to so is another matter. Whether you like it or not, you will have to work on this project. They do not show changes over time. " A CONJUNCTION is a word that connects or joins together words, phrases, clauses, or sentences. With common nouns, writers also need to consider two things: first, whether the noun is unspecific (general) or specific, and second, whether the noun is countable or uncountable: Unspecific (general) means one of two things. When the choice is up to you, you can generally use either “whether” or “if. Whether is also used to suggest that it doesn’t matter which of the two possibilities is true because the situation will remain the same. ” The answer is simple. Like 1. Whether or not she likes him, Susie will have to marry Peter. Are these three examples correct on grammatically and logically ? When we use whether-clauses in conditionals, they MUST include all the possible outcomes of the situation—otherwise they are ungrammatical. No matter means it doesn’t matter. Susie does not like Peter. Whether definition is - —used as a function word usually with correlative or or with or whether to indicate (1) until the early 19th century a direct question involving alternatives; (2) an indirect question involving stated or implied alternatives; (3) alternative conditions or possibilities. I have a problem about whether , whether or not etc. When running virtual servers in Hyper-V, there is often some confusion when determining how much CPU is actually being used. How to Check Memory Usage. Not so in your sentence #2 above. Unless you work with livestock, you are not likely to use the term very often. With whether we can use 'or not' immediately after whether, or at the end of the sentence. This review of ethical issues tried to raise the important questions related to an appropriate use of social media in healthcare settings. This conjuction emphasizes that a specific situation will continue no matter what happens. If you’re not sure whether a compound word has a hyphen or not, check your preferred dictionary. Whether or Not Very often, the or not is superfluous (i. "Here are 12 solutions to 100% disk usage Windows 10. Grif did not know whether to stay or go. a d b y q u i p. 4%). The MedicationRequest resource is a "request" resource from a FHIR workflow perspective - see Workflow Request. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines traditional medicine as "the sum total of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical English Lessons and Exercises Conditionals - Whether or not How to use "Whether or not" Whether or not focuses that something will happen in any case or condition. (subordinating) used to introduce an indirect question or a clause after a verb expressing or implying doubt or choice in order to indicate two or more alternatives, the second or last of which is introduced by or or or whether: he doesn't know whether she's in Britain or whether she's gone to France. Whether we go to the party or to the cinema makes no difference to me. How to Use the Subjunctive Mood. The term whether is similar in meaning to the word "if" and links together two possible choices. D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC is typically used on resources with vertex data and on constant buffers. Examples: the annual dance-athon an eel-esque sea creature. (It To me the question is always whether or not it is authorized and adequately predicated, spying," Barr replied. However, I take your point that, strictly speaking, the “or not” is redundant to “whether